John Grosso is a Communications and Social Media Professional in Stamford, Connecticut. Though experienced across multiple communications platforms, social media strategy has been the common thread in John’s education, internship experience, and professional career. In his most recent position at the Diocese of Bridgeport, John is responsible for the social and digital media strategy of the organization- including the Bishop of Bridgeport, 82 parishes, 31 schools, and 420,000 constituents. John serves on the Bishop’s Cabinet, a leadership body composed of senior staff that help run the operations of the Diocese of Bridgeport. John was also the World Youth Day Coordinator in 2016, organizing, forming, and leading a group of 240 people to Poland for ten days. John has had extensive internship experience prior to his position in the Diocese of Bridgeport, including as the Social Media Director in Michael Fedele’s campaign for Mayor of Stamford, and as a Correspondence Associate in The White House.

Already an experienced communications professional with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Boston College, John recently completed his Masters Degree in Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. He graduated at the top of his class in August, 2017 with a 4.0 GPA.

John’s hobbies include hiking, traveling, New York sports, and spending time with family and friends.  As he works toward the future, John looks to continue to grow in his field in a consultant position and continue to take leadership position at his current organization.



Through understanding your organization’s needs, I’ll craft a personalized social media strategy designed to optimize your communications.

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Sacred Heart University

Communications and Public Relations

Master of Arts in Corporate Communications and Public Relations. Director of Social Media for SHU Media Exchange.


Boston College

Political Science and Theology

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Theology in the Honors Program. President of the Political Science Association, Social Media Director of Stamford Mayoral Candidate, and Co-Editor Conte Confidential.


Georgetown University

Public Policy- School of Continuing Studies

Studied in a BC sponsored “Washington Semester” at Georgetown University. Studied as a full time student and worked as a Correspondence Associate for the Barack Obama White House.



Diocese of Bridgeport

Social Media Leader

Developed and implemented a comprehensive social media strategy for the organization and it’s leader, Bishop Frank Caggiano. Led all digital communications efforts, from social media platforms, to website strategy, to email marketing.


St. Aloysius Church

Communications Consultant

Worked with organization leadership to implement a strategic communications plan across multiple mediums, including internal and external communications, as well as social media, media relations, and website design.


Sacred Heart University

Social Media Director, SHU Media Exchange

Implemented social media strategy for annual panel discussion and networking reception.


J Henry Rose Group

Consultant and Field Representative

Lead volunteers, managed door-to-door efforts, and regularly updated candidate websites. Managed absentee ballot process for CT Senate Races.


The White House

Correspondence Associate

Worked in the Office of Presidential Correspondence to categorize, analyze, and respond to all mail, email, phone calls, and information received by President Obama.


Social Media Strategy

I’ll build a personalized social media strategy for your organization. We’ll work together to develop a short, medium, and long term strategy to optimize your communications and realize your communications goals.

Content Management

I’ll work with you to develop specific, brand appropriate content for your organization. We’ll create content designed to promote engagement, start conversation, and build brand awareness.

Community Management

Through active monitoring, frequent responding, and using accessible language, we will work to build a community around your brand.

Email Marketing

Using available content distribution sites like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact, we will leverage email to unify your communications strategy, connecting your social media, website, and print materials.

Communications Consulting

Utilizing my experience as a spokesman, I’ll work with you on media relations, media training, press calls, internal communications, and crisis management.

Graphic and Video Design

Using software like Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, I’ll create social media graphics and video to enhance your reach and brand.

Digital Portfolio

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