Social Media and Youth

As I finalize my presentation for the Archdiocese of Hartford’s “Youth In Hart” tomorrow, I have been spending a lot of time with the question of “where are the youth […]

Social Media as Public Relations

The last three weeks, we’ve discussed the different aspects of social media. We started exploring social media as marketing, which is usually what non-communications professionals want social media to be […]

Social Media As Communications

Just as you should not use your social media outlets to exclusively post about products you are selling or events you are hosting, you shouldn’t use it as a “push […]

Social Media As Marketing

A good social media strategy is equal parts marketing, communications, and public relations. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring how to balance those three things in both Social […]

Looking Beyond Vanity Metrics

If you are only evaluating your social media success based on the amount of “likes” or “followers” your page has, you are doing both your organization and yourself a disservice. […]

Underutilizing Social Media

An effective social media strategy is all about balance. Last week, we discussed the different ways your social media strategy can be “too much,” and this week, we will discuss […]

Associate Press Interview (Regarding False Weather Alarms)

(Article originally written by the Associate Press and distributed to other outlets) Weather junkie John Grosso knew it was highly unlikely a monster wave was barreling toward the Connecticut coast. […]

America Magazine Article: Can the Catholic Church keep millennials from passing it by?

(Article originally appeared in America Magazine. Written by Zac Davis) August 15 marked two important events for New York-area Catholics this year. It was the feast of the Assumption of Mary. […]

How Much is Too Much?

Does your organization post on Facebook eleven times a day, all at the same time? Do you have an account on every new and exciting social media platform there is, […]

Understanding Analytics

Do you need that fancy third-party tool to understand your social media analytics? How do you know if what you’re doing is working? How can you report on what you […]