Does your organization post on Facebook eleven times a day, all at the same time? Do you have an account on every new and exciting social media platform there is, each with 40 followers? Does the Task Force of the Sub Department of the Department of Marketing in your organization have a Facebook presence?

If you answered anything other than a loud and forceful “No, of course not,” then you have too much social media.

I know that for those of us who grew up in the social media age, especially in the mid-late 2000s, there was no such thing. Back then, people were on Facebook posting about their feelings or their lunch, or on Twitter live tweeting their trip to the grocery store. As organizations and people flocked to social media, this practice became incredibly annoying. Think about it: if you follow 50 organizations, and have 1,000 friends, and they all use Facebook in the way I just described, what would be the point? You’d be seeing absolutely nothing worthwhile.

That is why organizations have to change their social media strategy. You can no longer post 5 to 6 times on Facebook all at once and then be done with it for the day. Every department can no longer have individual Twitter/Instagram accounts. We have reached the point of over-saturation on social media. Followers are very picky with what they follow, and they won’t follow every different account under your organization’s umbrella. Further, because of the overcrowding on people’s timelines, your own followers might not even see every post.

So what does this mean for you? First, consolidate your organization’s social media accounts. Take stock of what you really need, and what can flow from your organization’s main account. Post less on Facebook (you can post more on Twitter), and be strategic about what you post and when you post it. Use Facebook and Twitter’s advertising capabilities. Finally, put effort into the social media platforms where your audience is active, not just any social media outlet out there.

In summation: less “scattershot” and more strategy!