You’ve picked your platforms, you’ve created your accounts, now you’re creating your content calendar and you run into the age-old question: how often should I post?

Post too much and you risk alienating your followers, diluting your message, and diluting your engagements. Post too infrequently and you risk not growing at all. Finding a posting equilibrium that works for you, your audience, and your product is not easy, nor is there a “one size fits all” approach I can suggest to make it easy.

Rather, my goal in today’s blog is to give you a few guidelines on how often you should post on the major social media sites. Though your actual content calendar might look a bit different, it should definitely look similar to what I suggest.

Facebook: You should post about 3-4 times a day, spaced out at least two and a half hours apart. A morning post is essential, as it kicks off the posting day and ensures you connect with your audience when they first start their day. An afternoon post is also a good idea, as it encourages your audience to check back on your accounts at lunch time. Finally, at least one post in the evening (preferably after 7pm) is essential- this is when your audience is home, scrolling on their phones while watching TV or waiting for dinner.  7pm-9pm is often the most trafficked time on Facebook.

Twitter: You should post about 5-7 times a day at an absolute minimum. Twitter is a difficult platform to maintain, as you are competing for space on a constantly refreshing timeline. Couple that with the change in Twitter algorithm that displays the most “popular” tweets as a default, and you are already swimming upstream. In order to effectively use this medium, you must tweet frequently. In fact, 5-7 posts a day might be a conservative estimate. I often advise the companies I consult with to tweet at least once an hour from 8am-9pm.

Instagram: You should post once a day, maximum twice. Users on Instagram do not want to see live posting, frequent posting, or trivial pictures. Instagram is the “highlight reel” social media account, and you should only post on here once or twice a day. (The exception to this is the Instagram Story capability. Post 10-15 of those stories, depending on your event!) Instagram posts tend to have a long shelf life, and often take a while to get going. By posting too frequently, you could be shooting yourself in the foot.

Snapchat: Snapchat is, as usual, less cut-and-dry. With Snapchat, the amount of posting depends entirely on your organization, your activity, and how frequently you run events. A restaurant could post 10-15 snaps a day easily, whereas a retail location, church, or company might not post anything on Snapchat until they have an event or “takeover.” My advice generally is: if you have nothing to post, don’t post!

LinkedIn: You should plan on posting once a day on LinkedIn. Out of these five social networks, LinkedIn is checked the least, and the newsfeed of LinkedIn is not used often either. As this social network continues to grow and come into its own, plan on posting once a day