If you hear someone call themselves a “social media expert” they are probably lying; not in a malicious way, but there is no way to be an expert in “social media.” One can have an expertise in social media strategy, digital marketing, website design, etc, but not in social media. That may be a bit of a controversial statement, but hear me out.

Social media as a field is way too new and far too broad for any one person to be considered an “expert.” Trends, strategies, and even mediums can change overnight. A social media director whose work began in 2014 would have no idea that in less than three years, Facebook would be on a downward trend with millennials, and “dark social”(such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, and iMessage) has risen to take its place beyond expectation. In short, things change really fast. Staying on top of them is a full time job, and that’s not even the entire job of a social media professional.

The other reason it is impossible to be an expert in social media is a rather basic reason: someone may be an expert in social media strategy- but that doesn’t make them an expert in YOUR business’ social media strategy. In order to properly execute a social media strategy that bears fruit, a professional MUST give their clients personalized attention, and use their skills to build something unique to the client and their audience. There is no blanket strategy for social media that works for all corporations. Therefore, there can be no universal social media “expert.”

That is not to say that you can’t get outside help. (I’m not trying to talk myself out a job!) Rather, quite the opposite. If you want to invest in a viable social media strategy that pays real short, medium, and long term dividends, don’t hire these “experts” who offer quick fixes and canned content. Hire someone who will consult with you and get to know your business – and most importantly, get to know your clients.

That’s what I do with organizations: I work with them to develop customized, personalized social media strategy plans that fit their strategic goals. While a silver bullet is not going to solve all of your social media needs, through the implementation of best practices and personal attention, we will work together to build your brand on this important medium.